TDY Original Creations

These are all original Dessert Yurt confections. I also make some published recipes.

Chai Tuxedo

Chai-infused dark chocolate ganache enrobed in the smoothest, creamiest, most luxurious white chocolate you have ever met, finished with candied ginger. Deep, complex flavors reveal themselves to you in stages.

Featuring Sparkle Faerie Chai from Northampton, Mass.



Crunchy & Banshee Frogs Shown


Crunchy Frogs (green spots)

Raspberry jam, soft chocolate nougat, pretzel sticks -- blood, guts, bones -- the total frog-biting experience!

Poison Frogs (yellow stripes)

Raspberry-habanero jam, dark chocolate/peanut filling -- medium spicy if you get to the jam first (it's in the head), kinda mild if your tongue is coated in peanut butter and chocolate first.

Ghost Frogs (white stripes)

Raspberry-ghost viper chili jam, dark chocolate/peanut filling -- very spicy if you get to the jam first (it's in the head), mild/moderate if you get to the peanut/chocolate first. 

Banshee Frogs (white with black eyes)

That same raspberry-ghost viper chili jam in a white chocolate shell, with nothig else to protect you! You'll scream like a banshee if you get a bunch of jam on your tongue all at once!




Dark chocolate cubes with freshly cooked, chopped bacon and maple syrup inside. Yes, real liquid maple syrup -- like a chocolate-chip pancake breakfast without those pesky pancakes!



Dark chocolate cubes with port wine jelly inside. Luscious and decadent.

Honey Clove Crunch

A Dessert Yurt twist on Honeycomb / Sponge Candy -- a sweet, honey-touched crunchy foam that melts in your mouth, enrobed in clove-spiced milk chocolate and dusted with chopped pistachios.


Milk chocolate & peanut butter center, flavored with a hint of orange, rolled in toasted coconut and candied basil. 

"Peacoc" = Pea(nut), C(hocolate), O(range), C(oconut).

Piggy Pucks

This little piggy has bacon -- dark chocolate with freshly cooked, chopped bacon inside.

This little piggy breathes fire -- dark chocolate with cayenne pepper

This little piggy's got none -- dark chocolate, plain

This little piggy's got milk -- milk chocolate, plain

This little piggy's got nuts -- white chocolate with macadamia nuts inside


Anise Almond Awesome

Dark chocolate ganache flavored with a hint of sweet anise -- not like black licorice, rather more like biscotti -- rolled in toased almonds.

Pysychedelic Peppermint Party


Taste the rainbow! Bright colors and incredibly smooth, yet intense mint flavor, take this old candy shop standby over the top.           


(I'm using a different mold now, but the color and texture are the same as shown)

A sweet lemon & rosemary center, dark chocoalte outside. This unusual flavor combination for candy totally works!

Password Bars

"Love kicks the ass of time and spaceā€.
Yes, it does. So, too, does a simple bar of high quality chocolate. Sometimes, that's all you need.

Lemon Star

Simple and delicious.  A soft center similar to my peppermint patties, flavored with natural lemon oil, a touch of honey, and dipped in dark chocolate.

Basil Cream

The delicately sweet taste of basil-infused creamy ganache pairs perfectly with a dark chocolate shell.         

Pretzel Crak


So simple, yet so very fine. Essentially, this is peanut brittle but made with pretzel fragments instead of peanuts. Sweet, crunchy, salty, buttery, oh so good!      

Cinnamon Buttons

Kinda like those Red Hots candies you used to love as a kid, this little pillow of cinnamon and chocolate packs a decent punch of flavor!


You might not think that strawberries and black pepper go together, but oh yes they do! In this supple marshmallow confection, the natural flavor of strawberry is amplified and underscored by the unmistakeable heat of freshly ground black pepper.

Peppermint Crunch Blox

(photo is actually of an early prototype - no photo exists for the current production version at this time)

More mild than the Psychedelic Peppermint Party, but definitely not timid, these blocks feature crunchy bits of home made peppermint hard candy (no artificial red dye here!) carried by a creamy white chocolate layer that has also been flavored with natural peppermint oil. A dark chocolate ganache tops it off. 

Rising Sun

Sweet cream filling with a surprise hint of wasabi! Really? Really. It'll give your nose a little tingle but won't make you scream, I promise.

Sunny Heart

Sunflower butter with a hint of savory yellow curry. Sweet and exotic... yet familiar. 

And vegan!